Posted On: November 15, 2011 by The Snyderman Law Firm

Hospital Says “We Don’t Make Mistakes” But Jury Disagrees

Officials at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center are considering whether to appeal a $250,000 verdict by a Baltimore Circuit Court jury that found the hospital's staff inappropriately restrained a disabled girl, causing extensive bruising.

Brooke Greenberg has a rare genetic disorder. Although 17 tears old, she is the size of a toddler. She ways less than 20 pounds. She can’t communicate, and she’s been diagnosed with numerous medical conditions, including cerebral palsy and epilepsy. There have been numerous times throughout her life when she’s received treatment at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. In 2007, Brooke had to spend the night at Johns Hopkins. The next day, her father discovered a large bruise on her forehead, as well as a lot of bruises on her arms and legs.

When Brooke’s father asked the hospital staff what happened, they had no explanation. Instead, they arrogantly told him that at Johns Hopkins, they don’t make mistakes. Because her father wanted answers, he hired an attorney and filed suit.

At the conclusion of the trial, the jury decided that Brooke had been restrained inappropriately, and that this was the cause of the bruises. The jury awarded Brooke $250,000 due to the hospital’s negligence.