Posted On: February 7, 2013 by The Snyderman Law Firm

Bullied Honors Student In Coma in Delaware Hospital

A 6th grade student from the Southeast Delco School District in Darby Township, Pennsylvania is in a coma at A.I. DuPont hospital after classmates who had been bullying him hit him multiple times in his face, fracturing his nose and causing him to fall in the schoolyard. The initial diagnosis was a concussion, and he received treatment at the hospital and was allowed to go home. Whenever a child suffers a concussion, parents are instructed to watch their child carefully for certain warning signs.

At home, his parents began to notice signs that showed their son “wasn’t quite right.” Then he began to have seizures, and his parents rushed him back to the hospital, where he was admitted. Because the seizures continued, the doctors chose to put the child in a medically induced coma.

A medically induced coma is temporary and it’s used by doctors to allow the brain to function at a very low level of alertness. A medically induced coma was used about a year ago for a baseball fan who was beaten at a Dodgers game and began to have seizures.

Interestingly, about 10 years ago, this school district received money from a Safe Schools grant for a bully-proofing program. They planned on using the money for a mentoring program and for video cameras.

Last year, representatives from the Philadelphia 76er’s, as a part of an anti-bullying campaign, visited one of the schools in the Southeast Delco School District to teach students what they should do if they are bullied or if they witness another student being bullied.

And yet, the bullying continues.